Grocer In Andorra Uses Floor Projection, LED-Wrapped Column To Create Entryway Experience

November 17, 2023 by Dave Haynes

A grocer in the small principality of Andorra is blended projections on the floor with a big LED-clad support column to put some experience into the arrivals of shoppers.

The French retail chain E. Leclerc wanted its store in Andorra (the country is in the Pyrenees on the Spain-France border) to offer a special shopping experience, with individually taking on distinct design concepts like a beverage department that uses wine crates as lamps.  

German content partner invidis writes that the store was put together by the retail solutions giant Wanzl:

In order to immerse customers even further in the world of E. Leclerc, Wanzl used digital signage in the entrance area: a floor projection of 7 by 4 meters and a column covered with LED ensure attention and the right atmosphere. Wanzl worked with Trison for the LED column.

Various Wanzl products are used in the supermarket itself, including the Wire-Tech and Vitable shelving systems and the Yourtable sales table. Wanzl also equipped the checkout zone, which has a combination of conventional checkout counters and modern self-service checkouts. Intelligent swing doors ensure controlled exit from the store after payment, but also prevent inventory discrepancies.

The new supermarket opened its doors last winter. E. Leclerc has already worked successfully with Wanzl in the past, including equipping three “Avenue Markets” with Wanzl products.

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