F1 Race Invests In 32K Sq. Ft. Of Samsung LED Around New Vegas Strip Race Circuit

November 17, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Much of the digital signage attention with the Formula One race this weekend in Las Vegas has involved creative running on the giant LED-clad Sphere, but the company that owns and runs the race series has also invested in some gargantuan LED displays around the newly-built street circuit and new dedicated race facilities.

Samsung did a deal with Liberty Media and Las Vegas Grand Prix that has involved a series of LED displays, including a vast one on the pit building roof that organizers suggest would be visible from space.

Here’s what’s in place:

In all, that’s 32,000 square feet of LED display.

I definitely don’t know this, but it is reasonably safe to assume this was not a straight buy of display tech, and likely involved some degree of sponsorship consideration. That’s not to suggest Samsung doesn’t make great LED displays, but a top global brand can bring a lot more to a high-profile deal like this than a pure-play LED display maker, particularly one based in China.

The photo up top is easily understood, but because the surroundings are darkened, this one below is little harder to sort out. I am reliably told it is also the rooftop, just shot closer in.


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