22Miles Adds AI-Powered Interaction, Tools To Latest Iteration Of CMS Platform

November 16, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I think we’re going to see a pile of software and solutions companies coming out with announcements around AI-based enhancements and extensions to what they offer, and early adopter to all that is Atlanta-based CMS software firm 22Miles.

The company is launching three

22Miles debuted three new AI tools that work with its Content Manager platform. They are:

The big drivers is the ability of a bot to minimize the need for digging around for specific information, whether that’s consumer-facing or for back-of-house internal uses.

“Our custom AI is a new paradigm in digital communication. Imagine a customer-facing chat that not only knows your brand inside out and communicates in a manner that’s indistinguishable from a live person,” says Joey Zhao, CEO and Co-Founder. “AI Backoffice is an indispensable ally for internal users, capable of tackling advanced queries, providing insights and helping make fast data-driven decisions.”

The PR adds:

AI Command is included in Content Manager 7.5, while AI Backoffice and AI Assistant are customizable system add-ons. Content Manager 7.5 includes templates to seamlessly incorporate AI Assistant or AI Backoffice into 22Miles digital signage and apps; they can also be added to existing third-party digital signage applications, mobile apps or websites as a custom module. In either case, 22Miles can swiftly deploy AI Assistant or AI Backoffice to hundreds or thousands of units to create interactive experiences with very little lead time.

22Miles performs extensive training, testing, and post-deployment monitoring and fine-tuning to create custom AI experiences that align to a company’s exact specifications. Once training is complete, the AI is self-maintaining: customers can add or update data in the CMS without needing to make any adjustments to the AI.

“Our proprietary training produces context-aware responses that are light-years ahead of traditional search,” says Zhao. “For example, if you ask where to find coffee in an airport, you won’t just get a list of links. AI Assistant can show you vendors currently serving coffee near your gate, answer follow-up questions about their menus, show you estimated wait times, and give you directions and a map.”

Custom AI for Stringent Security Requirements

Recognizing the diverse security needs of enterprises, 22Miles offers flexible deployment options. These range from shared and proprietary cloud solutions to on-premises installations. 

On-premises solutions are powered by a proprietary 22Miles AI model, while cloud-based solutions are powered by the OpenAI GPT model. The on-premises approach ensures that no data ever leaves the local area network, especially critical for high security data environments.

Interesting. If you have a chance, watch the keynote from last week that has OpenAI CEO Sam Altman walking through new features, including these kinds of custom GPT-driven chatbots that can handle common questions and drive information sharing. This stuff is getting steadily easier to produce, and could get to a point – with an OpenAI app store – that even a dumbass old guy like me could leverage this tech in some way.


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