300 Meters Of LED Ribbon Lines Tracks For Pro Cycling Champions League Events

November 14, 2023 by Dave Haynes

LED ribbon boards have grown common on the perimeter of pro football/soccer pitches, and we’ve seen venues like Grand Slam tennis main courts surrounded by dynamic LED walls. But here’s something you maybe wouldn’t expect – almost 300 meters of linear LED ribbon display at a cycling velodrome.

The displays were a featured component of the four-stop UCI Track Champions League in major European cities. The set-up had to be designed in such a way that it could be easily dismantled and re-assembled to follow the stages of the competition from city to city, while retaining the characteristics that made it suitable for TV broadcasts.

It takes more than 100 flight cases and 400 LED panels, as well as a whole bunch of labor.

The project uses LEDECA displays from the French firm Pixel Led France, also referenced as PLF Industries. A company called MATCHevent took care of all the technical aspects of the track, and engaged PLF to install the LED screens.

I like the use of real-time data, ID’ing the winner on the ribbon board and showing that rider’s heart rate.

Here’s a video that shows the track and screens in use, with the first two races won by Canadian cyclists (yay!). The suburban Paris track and venue in this video will be used for the Summer Olympics in 2024.

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