Mega-Project Developer Uses LED On Film For Riyadh Presentation Center

November 13, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is what looks to be a presentation center for a vast mixed-use project in Riyadh – using LED-embedded transparent film on the windows.

It is at the themed attraction Boulevard World and, though details are skimpy, is presumably marketing New Murabba, a giga-project backed by the Saudi government-based Public Investment Fund. The development is touted to be, when finished at the target date of 2030, to be the world’s largest modern downtown.

The display project was done by Dubai-based Britepixl, which is part of QUBIT Event & Media Technologies.

The video below is useful in that it shows where this LED on film is at and how it looks. It pops at night and you can see from the inside windows that it doesn’t look too bad, though there are evident seams and it is not 100% transparent. The film on the glass would likely be more noticeable when the sun is out.

Speaking of sun, I have no idea how this film handles hours, weeks and months of direct sunlight and punishing heat. You’d think it would discolor over time or start to shrink or peel … but it’s also possible those are tech issues that have been resolved. It’s certainly a question I’d ask if I was interested in using this kind of thing.

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