Europe’s Largest Media Companies Both Seeing Strong Growth In DOOH Sales

November 10, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Two of the largest out of home media companies in Europe are both showing big growth on the digital sides of their business, with Ströer and JC Decaux both showing DOOH sales up 28% in the last quarterly reporting period.
Sales for Ströer are up despite the overall overall advertising market being down or level in most sectors. The Cologne company has a much as a 90 per cent market share in Germany in areas such as transport and roadside.

German content partners invidis note: one year ago, the German DOOH world was in shambles with the energy saving regulations caused by the Ukraine war. DOOH screens should only be allowed to operate four hours a day. Electricity prices shot up – Ströer’s energy costs increased by 10 million euros within just three months. The DOOH advertising market seemed to have reached a low point.

Exactly one year later, DOOH is the shining star in the advertising sky. With almost 9 percent market share, out-of-home is only a small jump away from the magic 10 percent limit. The out-of-home market share has almost doubled from 2013 to today. The DOOH market grew by 8 percent in the first nine months of the year, while the overall advertising market (particularly because of TV) shrank by 2 percent.

In the third quarter, Ströer was able to increase DOOH sales by 28 percent, and sales in the OOH Media segment grew by 7.4 percent in the third quarter from 202 million euros to 217 million euros. DOOH already generates 34 percent of all OOH sales in the Ströer Group. With growth of more than 100 percent, programmatic in particular was also the driver of the DOOH boom.

Meanwhile, France-based JC Decaux is also reporting solid growth in OOH (up just short of 6%) and DOOH up by 27.9%. DOOH now represents 36.2 % of JC Decaux Group’s total sales. The transport sector saw the most ad sales growth, up 15.4%. 

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