Present And Future For Digital Signage Business To be Covered By Pre-Mixer Panel

November 9, 2023 by Dave Haynes

We’ll be doing a panel again ahead of the sold out Sixteen:Nine Mixer at DSE in a handful of weeks – this time focused on the broad topic of where we are at as an industry, and where we’re going.

Sponsors make these mixers possible, and it works out very well that I could get four executives among those sponsors who can cover off different aspects of the business.

The panel will feature:

We’ve all found ourselves in some sort of networking/educational setting that has obligatory presentations or panel appearances by people or companies that don’t fit or know the subject all that well, but that’s not going to be an issue here. I maybe could have had people from all nine sponsoring companies up there, but the word “unwieldy” comes immediately to mind.

If the planets align, I will be the moderator. I passed the mike last year because I was worried about last-minute demands for the mixer, but that experience suggested I could be on stage.

I held off on developing the panel because I was really-really-really trying to get someone from the Sphere to talk about that giant LED ball, but I got nowhere. Apparently mainstream broadcast and major tech media are higher in the PR request pecking order than a digital signage blog. Go figure.

The panel will run from 4:30 to 5:30 on Dec. 3rd, followed immediately by the mixer in the same familiar room and space. Admission to the panel comes with admission to the mixer. The venue has a stage, lights and a nice, big LED backdrop.

A reminder that the mixer is very sold out of the 400+ available tickets.

The 2023 Mixer sponsors …



  1. Scott Kolber says:

    Hi Dave- I’m just seeing the news about the panel and mixer which apparently are sold out. I’ll be at the Expo and would love to grab a few minutes together to tell you about Roadify’s expanded focus on dynamic location-based content (beyond transit). Please shoot me a note and let me know when might be a good time for meeting up. Best, Scott

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