Netflix Planning Bricks And Mortar Attractions To Immerse Fans In Popular Shows (And Sell Stuff)

November 7, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Streaming entertainment giant Netflix is reportedly going a little down the path of Disney and Universal Studios, with plans to start opening bricks and mortar  locations that let consumers immerse themselves in aspects of favorite shows.

First reported in Bloomberg (paywalled), and picked up by other media outlets, the Netflix House concept would start with a pair of locations targeted to open in 2025.

These “stores” would have retail, dining and live entertainment – all leveraging the popularity of TV shows and movies.

So, in theory, streaming fans would be able to compete in some variation of a Squid Game obstacle course – though presumably without the you-lose-you-die component.

The concept is not foreign to Netflix, which has done things like a Bridgerton-themed costume ball. It’s certainly not new to themed attractions – the obvious examples being Disney theme parks.

This is relevant because creating immersive venues tends to involved a lot of visual display and pro AV elements, Netflix has already dabbled in that, with its LA head office lobby lined with LED video walls that run ambient, subtly active scenes from popular shows. 

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