Hyper-Targeted DOOH Ad Campaign In France Boosts Purchase Intention By 153%

November 7, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is an interesting glimpse at what hyper-targeting can deliver for digital OOH – a programmatic ad campaign in France for a hair removal product.

The ads for something called Veet Expert were displayed in high-traffic retail and shopping mall locations to reach women under the age of 50 years and encourage on-the-spot purchases across major French cities.

Done in partnership with Starcom agency, Google’s DV360 DSP, and Broadsign’s SSP, and run on Clear Channel France screens, the ads were run more than 210,000 times and generated an estimated 3.8M impressions.

Broadsign, in a case study, says the campaign had these boosts:

Big numbers. How many women in the target demographic actually went beyond consideration and intention and bought the product based on seeing the ad is a lot harder to quantify, but the data certainly suggests the ads would have a tangible impact.

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