Hip To Be Square: Now There’s A 60-Inch Square LCD

November 1, 2023 by Dave Haynes

It’s not a milestone or advance that will set the pro AV world on fire, but it is interesting nonetheless that it’s now possible to source a 60-inch square LCD display for digital signage jobs.

UK-based specialty display manufacturer Crystal Display Systems had an overnight email blast that touted the “Largest Square Display in the World – The Launch of the 59.8 inch PCAP” display.

I’ve always liked square displays, mainly because they offer an alternative to TV-shaped displays and they can work particularly well when there are different sizes and shapes in a video wall cluster of screens. This one is also interesting because it supports high-end PCAP touch.

CDS says squares are particularly popular for museum and art applications.

The company has at least eight different sizes of squares, starting at 22 inches. Samsung was, I think, the first company to market square LCDs but they weren’t sold for very long – discontinued I assume because the volume wasn’t there for a company that likes and pretty much needs volume sales on most display products sold.

It also helps that these odd-shaped displays – squares and stretched bars – are now manufactured natively in those dimensions. When unconventional display shapes first came on the market, they were cut and re-manufactured from larger 16:9 displays – so they cost a lot,


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