Changi Re-Opens Terminal 2 With Digital Waterfall, LED Halos And Virtual Sky

November 1, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Singapore’s Changi Airport has consistently been ranked as one of the best airport experiences anywhere, and while there are undoubtedly many operational reasons for that, our interests here are of course on what it does with digital.

After 3.5 years of work, the upgraded and expanded Terminal 2 fully reopened today – with the terminal enabling Changi to handle an additional five million passengers per year.

The terminal design is nature-themed, with the big “Oh Wow!” digital features a 14-meter tall and 17 meter wide LED dubbed The Wonderfall, and a digital sky that adjusts content based on outside weather conditions, but also seems to show ocean scenes.

Here’s the PR explainer:

T2’s design philosophy is guided by a nature-inspired theme, with key touchpoints being transformed within the terminal. From ceiling designs to wall finishes mimicking natural landforms to the choice of carpet patterns and horticulture displays, elements of nature are seamlessly incorporated throughout the terminal. Lush green columns adorned with a diverse array of plants contribute to creating a serene and soothing atmosphere, fostering tranquility and relaxation for passengers and visitors alike.

At the heart of T2’s departure hall is a 14-metre-tall digital display, dubbed The Wonderfall. Set amid a vertical garden, The Wonderfall captures the essence of nature’s raw beauty in breathtaking detail. Onlookers are transported to an immersive world of wonder with a majestic waterfall cascading over megalithic boulders.

Inside the departure transit area, a brand-new garden – Dreamscape, mesmerises with its enchanting array of plants amid a meticulously landscaped backdrop, brought alive by a ‘digital sky’ which changes its hues depending on the time of day.

There is a 30 meter circumference LED halo over the “first-in-airport robot bartender” – which I gather makes cocktails with those robotic arms. Wonder how it knows when to cut people off?

The halo plays “scenes of the moon reflected in a lake, a homage to Tang dynasty poet Li Bai’s famous work, Drinking Alone Under the Moon.”

In an interesting twist, a section of the old split-flap mechanical flight information displays has been repurposed as an art piece.

From PR:

Do you remember the iconic flight information display boards with its 1,080 split-flaps, also called the Solari Boards, that used to be in Terminal 2 Departure Hall? One of them has been transformed into an interactive masterpiece at the public area of Terminal 2 – an art piece that can be personalised for each and every passenger and visitor.

Snap a photo at the exhibit or select from a range of preset designs and watch the interactive display craft a personalised artwork with the Solari Board flaps. An absolute must for a memorable photo opportunity! 

Here’s a video walk-through of the terminal. As in past Changi upgrades, Montreal creative technology shop Moment Factory has a big role in developing the digital experiences.

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