3D Illusion Creative Has Now Mainstreamed

October 31, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I’ve written often about how LED display technology has advanced in capabilities and lowered in price to a level that it is now a mainstream option on digital signage and DOOH projects, and the same thing appears to be happening with anamorphic illusion ad spots.

The first ones that popped up were run on high profile LED “spectaculars” in major cities like Seoul, Tokyo, London and New York. I assume the creative costs on those first ones were the sorts one reads with heart paddles at the ready.

Now, as awareness and knowledge on how to do them as broadened, we’re seeing the creative investment made for screens in much lower profile locations – like this corner board on a busy street in Kolkata, India.

The spot markets a jewelry brand during a major Hindu festival called Durga Puja. The creative is running on a board owned and managed by Signpost India, one of India’s larger DOOH and integrated advertising companies.

The image above looks a little PhotoShop-y but here’s a video that shows the board and spot in action.

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