UPS Ad Spot Syncs 3D Creative Between Big Times Square Board And Screen On Iconic Brown Panel Truck Below

October 27, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Hat Tip OOH Today for posting on this

The UPS and The UPS Store are marketing their capabilities ahead of the holiday shopping season with a big billboard ad spot in Times Square that suggests a virtual delivery – pairing the creative on the main screen with a smaller LED screen on a UPS truck parked on the street below the board.

The spot used 3D illusion creative that highlights three small businesses that sell online and deliver via UPS. The hook is how the ready-to-ship package is shown on a conveyor belt and then drops out of view, showing up instead on a screen mounted on the side of the UPS truck.

This UPS post has a short video

It’s kind of clever, I suppose, but Times Square is an insane kaleidoscope of ad displays. How many people will see the ad spot and make the connection to the truck?

I also wonder whether this is all that enlightening. I’d think most people already know UPS boxes are delivered by trucks, but I suppose boosting top-of-mind awareness is a good thing.

Whatever the case, it’s interesting to see anamorphic creative that’s not just sync’d to a nearby screen, but one bolted to a temporary structure – in this case a big brown truck.

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