Stretched Display Built Into Order Counter Presents Hot Chocolate Options At UK Shop

October 27, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is an approach to digital menus I haven’t seen before – embedding one of those stretch “bar-type” LCD displays on a tilted stand on the order counter.

It’s used by what I guess is a hot chocolate with marshmallow toppings shop in Lincoln, in the UK. There are conventional menu boards up behind the counter, as well as a promo screen in a window, but the stretchy screen is used to walk through newbie customers through ordering options, including the marshmallow “fluff” and sprinkly toppings.

The display tech is from UK-based Allsee Technologies. Dunno about CMS.


  1. Baoli Zhao says:

    We’re proud to be the provider of the display technology for this project. At Allsee Technologies, we continuously aim to push the boundaries of what’s possible in digital signage and offer innovative solutions to our clients.

  2. Thomas Fraser-Bacon says:

    Thanks for featuring this project, Dave. It was a pleasure to support our integration partner Interactive Touch Technology, I love projects that use multiple different ranges as effectively as this!

    FYI the displays are running our own CMS platform, My Signage Portal.

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