Spectrio Launches Content Library Designed To Ease Production Burden, Costs For Network Customers

October 25, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The digital signage software and solutions firm Spectrio has launched added a new feature it’s calling Content Library – which as the name pretty clearly says is a library of pre-made, curated content pieces its customers can use to enrich their programming mix.

The proposition is that just about any network operator struggles to stay on top of the volume of messaging needed to keep screen programming looking fresh and relevant. It can be a struggle in terms of planning time, available design resources and/or budget, so the idea here is that a library of ready-to-go content pieces can nicely fill out programming schedules.

As opposed to soft, generic pieces that do the basics, Spectrio says its library has material tend to some of the most active vertical markets. For example, auto dealers can find finished creative that’s directly relevant to their environments and dynamics.

One interesting wrinkle is a recommendation engine that helps users find what they need, versus just browsing the library.

The Content Library app is complementary to the company’s existing Templates digital signage app – pre-designed messaging templates that can be manually customized or set up for auto-updating when mapped to networked data sources.

From PR:

“Adding this capability to the rich set of digital signage apps already available on our platform is another way Spectrio is enabling our customers to maximize their investments in this technology,” says Tamara Bebb, CEO of Spectrio. “Attractive, on-point content programming gets attention, and that’s the start of meaningful engagement — whether that’s in a retail setting, health care environment or a sports arena.”

Market research confirms engagement is crucial to customer satisfaction, and shapes future purchases. Engaged customers contribute an additional 23 percent more in revenue compared to the average customer. 

The library is now up and available at no additional cost to customers using the company’s primary CMS Enplug. If that brand sounds familiar, Spectrio acquired LA-based Enplug in early 2021 and has since made the platform its core offer.

The Content Library is all built in house. Something I’ve discovered since Sixteen:Nine was acquired by Spectrio a couple of years ago is that Spectrio has a BIG  creative production team that generates a LOT of content for customers.

Spectrio also inherited dozens of ready-to-go content apps through the Enplug acquisition – everything from the expected like social media integrations and sports scores to workplace team communications.

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