Interesting: A Big All-In-One LED Display That Folds In

October 25, 2023 by Dave Haynes

All in one LED displays are now commonplace across a variety of manufacturers – in part because they offer portability, but probably more so because the companies selling them and the customers buying them can readily get their heads around the idea of a giant TV.

It’s far easier to explain a jumbo TV than the pixel pitches, viewing distances, target resolutions and on and on associated with video walls built from LED cabinets to fit a space.

I had a good demo of a very big, very nice Planar 1.5mm all in one display at a Data-Visual road show that was run near World HQ yesterday, but I was particularly struck by another all-in-one developed and marketed by a company I don’t really associate with LED displays – Viewsonic.

The Taiwan manufacturer – most known for monitors and workplace collaboration tech – has a 1.5mm pitch unit that folds. The left and right sections smoothly fold in on hinges, making it easy to move around at a venue, and to pack up and transport. It also has a motorized height adjustor thingie, and comes with a ruggedized flight case.

The distinction here is that these big fella all-in-one LEDs are intended to be easy to use, but the larger ones don’t tend to just come out of a box like a big-ass consumer TV. They still need to be assembled. Between the two folding parts of the screen, and the height adjustment, this thing would (I assume) be relatively easy to re-position around a workplace, events venue or, I suppose, retail environment.

It strikes me that companies that rent AV technology at places like convention centers would be intrigued by this.

Kinda neat.

This video shows how it works …


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