Beauty Brand Books 3D Illusions Campaign Across Almost 300 UK DOOH Screens

October 25, 2023 by Dave Haynes

It has grown somewhat common now to learn of 3D illusion creative being used for digital OOH campaigns, but in just about every case, it involves one creative piece running on one screen. But the beauty brand Maybelline and its agencies have done a campaign that ran across more than 280 screens around the UK.

The Surreal Falsies Mascara campaign, directly related to that extended reality piece that ran on a big Kyiv billboard recently, was developed and placed across several screen formats and dimensions. The campaign also marked a departure from traditional beauty brand marketing, using a specially-created avatar instead of a film star or supermodel.

From the PR: has achieved a new milestone in 3D DOOH, with the first-ever large-scale rollout of content to multiple formats across the UK. While iconic 3D content has previously been reserved for the biggest screens across the world, this campaign features May, a digital cosmetics avatar designed to appeal to a Gen Z and younger Millennial audience. May, whose 3D form was built by, and her Surreal Falsies Mascara burst from the screen in three dimensions, in many different environments, including high streets and shopping malls located near to where May’s mascara could be purchased. worked closely with media owners to roll out a seamless campaign, featuring the innovative 3D creative running on over 280 screens. The unique and expertly targeted campaign achieved a deeper connection between the Maybelline brand and a diverse audience. 


Andrew Newman, CEO of “This is the largest 3D campaign, in terms of scale, any market has seen. This is a colossal achievement and one that aligns with our industry commercial principles of reach. 3D DOOH at scale is the next evolutionary step of forced perspective creative and sets a new bar. A massive thank you to the media owners for ensuring the 3D elements were a success on screens of all sizes.”

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