This Dubai Company Has Almost-Crazy Variety Of Kinetic Digital Display Options

October 19, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I stumbled across this company on Linkedin – a Dubai firm called Lazulite that does a wild variety of work using those kinetic/robotic displays that operate a bit like synchronized drawers on sliders, with LEDs on the face of each drawer.

This is the same family of tech that was used for the ill-fated and short-lived kinetic LED billboard Coca-Cola installed in Times Square a few years ago. The big problem with that one was it was outside, with weather and airborne grime inevitably messing up anything using moving parts and relying on precision.

In this case, the shape-shifting products appear to be intended for indoors, which is much friendlier (in most cases) to moving parts. The company has an almost crazy number of variations, including kinetic walls that have flowers that pop out on springs instead of LED modules that slide out.

This one is particularly wild …

Then there is this …

While it is absolutely true that a lot of the visual effects these things produce can be done just in the creative – without the motion – I think there is a place for this, and some distinctions. The physical movement aspect is noticeable.

I also like one of the demos that plays with the concept of split flap mechanical displays. This Belgian company does a digital emulation of he mechanical boards, but Lazulite does an oversized version.

Dubai would seem a perfect location for this company, and places like Riyadh and Las Vegas would be good sales outposts.

The founder’s Linkedin feed has a pile of interesting videos that show how the things work and the robotics being used. If I was an end-user I’d still be worried about reliability because moving parts can jam or drift out sync or alignment, but for a short-term exhibit, these kinds of things are pretty compelling.

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