LA Startup Blends LED Lighting Backdrops With Building Materials To Create Animated “Luminous” Video Walls

October 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

An LA company has launched a new product that blends LED backwalls with other materials like fabrics and even stone to create luminous, animated wall panels for commercial environments.

It’s a spin on what companies like ESI Design did in some office tower lobbies, creating a relatively low cost digital feature wall by animating a low resolution LED light array that has a fabric diffusion layer in front of it. So the animations are soft and ambient, instead of crisp and ready for things like text and detailed visuals.

The company CECOCECO describes itself as “an innovator in the lighting and display industry” and it has dubbed its new product ArtMorph. The target markets are retail, cultural and public spaces, restaurants, hotels, and offices.

PR on the ArtMorph says the key features are:

●     Premium Texture Collections: Featuring over 150 texture collections. Effortlessly adaptable and infinitely customizable, the luminous wall panels blend seamlessly into any environment, offering a truly bespoke experience. A few of the stylish options include wood, stone, textile or metal.
●     Stunning Video Display: High-resolution LED boasting 25,600 pixels per sqm or 2,378 pixels per sqft, ensuring immaculate clarity and vibrancy.
●     Patented Excellence: Unique and patented designs that ensure top-notch quality and seamless user experience.
●     Unified Control Experience: ArtMorph’s control system effortlessly bridges the gap between complex LED operations and user-friendly interfaces. Whether you’re utilizing our ready-made light effect templates or diving deep with advanced functions for professional designers, ArtMorph ensures a seamless blend of art and technology at your fingertips.
●     Hassle-Free Installation: Simplified processes combined with lightweight materials and modular designs ensure ease of installation for all.

Here’s a video:

ArtMorph is more than a visually appealing design; it represents cutting-edge technical prowess. With its radiant and adaptive LED colors, it ensures seamless color transitions. Notably, at a brightness level of 700 nits when covered, ArtMorph surpasses its competition by offering three times the illumination. Its robustness is evident with features like an IP54 rating, fire resistance, and a scratch-resistant surface.

ArtMorph prides itself on an intuitive installation process and an effortlessly user-friendly control system. Users of any technical proficiency can confidently manage and customize their displays, cementing ArtMorph as the go-to choice for a wide range of individuals. CECOCECO further simplifies the ArtMorph experience by connecting users directly with certified installers, ensuring a seamless transition from purchase to installation, and guaranteeing the envisioned aesthetic is flawlessly realized.

“ArtMorph is not just a product; it’s a revolution in how we experience and interact with spaces. We’ve meticulously combined the essence of aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to redefine visual storytelling. With ArtMorph, every wall becomes a canvas and every room a story. Our commitment at CECOCECO has always been to push boundaries, and with ArtMorph, we believe we’re setting a new benchmark for the future,” says Jason Lu, founder of CECOCECO.

The product is very reminiscent of something developed and marketed by a New York visual solutions company called Duggal. About five years ago it launched Lumipixels, which involved LED light in behind printed fabric light boxes. Duggal is a big supplier of static lightboxes, and an animated version came out of its innovation lab.

The PR says ArtMorph is currently on display at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York, which makes me wonder if there is a connection – as Duggal’s innovation lab and corporate offices are also in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. That could also be a coincidence, but …

Sometimes these sorts of things pop up and peter out – run by dreamers with limited funds or experience. But this company was founded by Jason Lu, who founded ROE Visual, which is a big player in the high-end rental display market. A LOT of concerts and special events that have LED backdrops use ROE. Lu’s company was acquired years ago by Chinese LED giant Unilumin, and now opeates as a subsidiary.

I like this sort of thing for a few reasons, the biggest being the unexpected nature of seeing something like a wood panelled, metal or stone wall surface animated. It’s probably not a particularly good communications medium, but ticks the ambient and experiential boxes.

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