SignageOS, Screenfeed Partner On Standard HTML5 Performance Tests For SOC Smart Displays And Players

October 16, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The Czech/US software firm signageOS has been doing benchmarking tests on system-on-chip smart display technology since 2018, and has now taken the interesting step of partnering with subscription content provider Screenfeed on a standardized content set to test how “smart” digital signage screens and players handle HTML5.

The Prague company, most known for middleware that bridges CMS platforms with a variety of smart display operating systems, says it needed a universal and reliable way to independently evaluate the performance of content playback, including HTML5 content. That testing determines the proficiency of digital signage displays in using HTML5 – as “supported” can be everything from “it works” to “it runs fast and smooth.”

From PR on the partnership:

The inclusion of Screenfeed’s HTML5 content test is designed to evaluate how well the display renders and plays modern web content crafted with highly dynamic HTML5 content apps. This encompasses ScreenFeed’s weather, sports, and news content. This integrated evaluation scrutinizes crucial aspects, including rendering quality, checking for issues like distortion or misalignment, ensuring seamless transitions, assessing interactivity, animation frame rates, and overall performance. Through a thorough examination of these factors, the assessments aim to guarantee that the displays deliver a visually captivating and informative user experience.

With a focus on engaging and pertinent content, Screenfeed brings a valuable element to signageOS’s benchmarking tests. Integrating their content apps enriches the evaluation process, reflecting the varied and evolving requirements of the digital signage ecosystem. By introducing these test scenarios, businesses are empowered to enhance their visual communication.

“Both signageOS and Screenfeed really want to help the digital signage industry create value with their screens,” says Jeremy Gavin, CEO of Screenfeed. “Both of our companies are in the unique position of integration across many content management systems and partners. This joint effort to enhance signageOS’s benchmarking will provide end users with valuable information on selecting their playback solution. ”

“From the very outset, our aim has always been to provide an independent testing platform and to provide accurate portrayal for all digital signage customers”, says Lukas Danek, founder and head of product for signageOS. “By integrating ScreenFeed’s Content App test into our ‘Benchmarking Methodology,’ we continue to fulfill this mission. We appreciate ScreenFeed’s contribution and are pleased that they chose to participate in this endeavor with us.”

signageOS maintains its forefront position in innovation, consistently refining testing procedures to ensure digital signage providers and users can rely on displays meeting the highest standards. This collaborative initiative not only improves the general performance of digital signage displays but also reinforces the commitment of both companies to pushing the boundaries of industry benchmarks. strategies. This addition to the signageOS benchmarking suite underscores the company’s dedication to advancing technology and delivering excellence in digital signage solutions.

SignageOS now provides unlimited access and control to more than 40 platforms and operating systems, and has expanded from middleware to also provide remote device management.

Screenfeed does ready-made and custom data-driven content for networks that add up to more than 175,000 public digital screens globally. It also now has a no-code solution for building HTML5 content apps.

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