Captivate Further Extends Footprint Into Residential Via Partnership With Deliveries Locker Firm

October 16, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The DOOH media company most known for putting screens in office tower elevators has broadened its footprint a bit more, partnering with a company that puts package management lockers in the lobbies of upscale apartment blocks and condos.

Captivate is working with Luxer One, a tech company that specializes in “contactless pick-up and drop-off solutions for packages and goods.”

The Captivate tie-in is populating the screen embedded in the locker system with content. Luxer One has more than 4,600 venues across 140 markets in the US, so that adds quite a bit more reach for captivate’s media pitch to brands.

“The rapid adoption of our residential solution validates the power of Captivate beyond the office and throughout the consumer journey from work to home,” says Alice Gogh, Chief Growth Officer at Captivate.

Captivate started in office towers and that’s the core offer, but it now also populates screens in lobbies – including for shared workspace companies like WeWork, and has, by its own description, grown its residential footprint “exponentially” in recent years.

“Captivate’s partnership with Luxer One is a perfect complement to our existing residential network, amplifying our ability to deliver principal shoppers at scale with zip + 4 targeting to over 2M unique households,” says Lorenzo Papa, Captivate’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Additionally, this partnership enables brands to interact with consumers beyond our screens in an intimate and meaningful way via in-app and email messaging, extending their opportunity to influence purchase decisions at moments of commerce.”

The screen is inherent to the design of these smart lockers, as that’s how lockers get opened: typing an access code into the screen. Presumably, most of the time that screen is not in active use doing that, so there is screen time to run a content and ad loop. The dynamics of a storage locker area in a lobby are quite different from an office tower, so I don’t see this sort of thing delivering anywere near the “eyeballs” of the core Captivate product. But it indeed add more reach into consumer environments, and arguably that’s more important as more people work from home.

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