Revel, Absen Forge Alliance To Chase Arena, Stadium Display And Signage Business

October 13, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Utah-based solutions provider Revel Media Group has done a partnership deal with the US wing of Chinese LED manufacturer Absen to mutually chase business in sports and entertainment venues.

Under this exciting alliance, says PR, Revel Media Group and Absen Inc. will champion each other’s products and services, with a specific focus on elevating the presence of Absen’s revolutionary products within covered professional, minor league, Division I and II college sporting venues. This collaboration is poised to reshape the landscape of sporting events, enhancing fan experiences and providing new avenues for engagement.

The arrangement gives a degree of exclusivity to Revel in chasing opportunities with pro and college sports venues, but does not shut out Absen’s existing partner ecosystem.

From PR:

One key aspect of this partnership is the commitment to transparency. While Absen VAPs (Value-Added Partners) and customers maintain the freedom to engage with other sports venues, Absen is required to notify and ensure that their VAPs and customers are well-informed about this exclusive partnership. This dedication to open communication ensures the mutual success of our endeavors and strengthens the bonds between our organizations.

These kinds of venues are opportune for display, software and integration companies. While arenas and stadiums are standalone sites, typically, they offer a degree of scale because of the need for everything from center-hung replay screens and LED ribbons in the seating bowl to flat panels at concessions and ticketing, and ad displays around the concourses.

It’s a seemingly good arrangement for Revel, a smallish company in the general orbit of Salt Lake. Absen by volume is either THE biggest LED display manufacturer on the planet, or in the top three. The US office is in Florida.

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