Audio: DSF Cocktails and Controversy, NYC 2023 – AI In Digital Signage

October 13, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The opening seconds sound a little scratchy and distorted, probably because I was talking more loudly than I needed to, but the majority of the audio from Monday night’s Cocktails and Controversy event sounds pretty good. I have uploaded the file to my podcast platform, so that folks who couldn’t make it to the Digital Signage Federation event at Sony’s NYC offices can have a listen.

Consider this a bonus podcast, and I have not added an intro or exit … so it’s a bit raw, but just fine for listening.

The topic was AI in digital signage, and you will hear from me, but much more usefully from Chris Grosso, CEO of Intersection, Jeffrey Weitzman of Navori and Jim Nista, who has a boutique creative agency out in LA.

We covered a lot of ground and tried to zero in, very much, on what AI means to digital signage and how it is already being applied.

Thanks to the folks at Sony for getting me the file!

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