Rapper Jay Z’s New NYC Store Using Digital Split-Flap Display On Feature Wall

October 10, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I really like split-flap and flip-disc mechanical displays – updated versions of the chattering signs at rail stations and airports that show key passenger information.

The challenge with them is they are built with a whole bunch of moving parts, and moving parts can fail. I have no idea if these mechanical units are known to be problematic, or run happily for months and years with no stuck flaps or discs.

The workaround is doing this in software, and a newly opened store in NY’s Soho district has a big digital version on the feature wall.

The now-opened Roc Nation retail store, called Paper Planes, has a large – guessing 85-inch – unit running Split-Flap TV software from the Belgian firm Presentation Point.  It looks good, though you can see from my photo that light reflection is inevitably an issue.

The funny thing is that there is s store right next door – sharing a wall – that has a real mechanical display from Oat Foundry.

Roc Nation is an entertainment agency and record label founded by rapper Jay-Z. The nice young guys tried to sell me into hip hop gear, which was pretty funny. Way too old and my main fashion brands are found on tables at Costco.

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