Using AI For Illustrative Images For Signage And Marketing, Getting Better, But It Has A Ways To Go Still

October 4, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I tried back in the summer to use Midjourney to create illustrative images for blog posts, and the results would be best described as Salvador Dali-esque.

Now the other main generative AI image tool Dalle has version 3 available, via Microsoft’s Bing browser, and it is noticeably better – bit not quite there if industry marketing and sales people are looking for ways to produce images that help visualize ideas, concepts or scenarios.

The image above is the output from a prompt in Dalle3 to “create and image of people putting in order from inside car at drive-thru burger restaurant.”

This is what came out when I tried that in Midjourney a couple of months ago. I hve a soft spot for the cars that have hamburgers in their grills and sesame seeds on the hood.

Here’s the other three versions of the Dalle3 one. The last one, I’d say, is serviceable. There is a lot of subtle weirdness, like extra hands and people half in walls. The guy immediately below can hold two sodas in one ET-like hand, which is impressive.

The images would undoubtedly get better with tweaking and more precision than what’s in my prompt. These four were generated in less than a minute and were free. Crazy times.

My son’s very deep into generative AI – and looking around for his next gig after his crypto job went Tango Uniform – and we fiddled last night with a video tool that had me speaking in Mandarin for 30 seconds, the video adjusting my mouth movements to make it look very much like I was indeed fluent in that language (I can say thank you, and that’s about it).

  1. Marty Durksen says:

    It’s the vacuous look in their eyes that usually gives it away. After a few seconds it creeps me out.

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