Luxury EV Maker Uses 255-Inch “The Wall” As Design Tool

October 4, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Video walls that add bling to high-end auto showrooms is now commonplace, but here’s a case of a premium LED wall being used behind the scenes to help designers develop and tweak the look of new models in development.

The Lucid Group has a 255-inch version of Samsung’s flagship The Wall product in its design studio, using it to “enhance the collaborative design process for their future electric vehicle models.

Marketers call it microLED, but I’m not sure it – like most super-premium products – meets the technical definition. Whatever the case, they look VERY nice.

“At Lucid, we’re on a mission to inspire the adoption of sustainable energy with a focus on the human experience. With The Wall, we’re able to take this mission to new heights,” says Jenny Ha, Exterior Design Manager at Lucid Motors. “While designing the Lucid Air Sapphire, from concept sketches all the way to final adjustments, Samsung enabled us to visualize the future of our vehicles in high resolution at all stages of development. No detail was left unnoticed, and we’re thrilled for our customers to experience the results of the new design process.”

The big, interactive video all lets Lucid’s designers view and review their designs in accurate color and at a 1:1 scale. “Not only does the true-life color produce a realistic rendering of the design, but the high-resolution display accurately reproduces the reflection of light off complex 3D surfaces.”

“The authentic image rendition allows for increased collaboration between engineering and design teams, resulting in accelerated decision making processes that save the company time and money.”

I don’t know if this takes the place of developing life-sized clay models that designers can walk around and see from all angles, but a life-sized, fill color, reflections and all rendition would undoubtedly be a useful tool.

It would also be some pretty good bling to show investors when they’re walked around its Oakland-area HQ for show and tell.

  1. Leandro Costa says:

    This solution is really impressive.
    For those who may have a chance to experience this amazing viewing experience I recommend.

    Look for a local Samsung Electronics display B2B office, and you probably will find one demonstration in place

  2. Damon crowhurst says:

    All it needs is a U-Touch overlay to turn it interactive…. then it will be really useful.

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