Hologram-ish Transparent LCDs Embedded In Korean Delivery Truck

October 3, 2023 by Dave Haynes

LED displays on rolling delivery trucks, running ads, is familiar in big cities like Las Vegas, but here’s a very different take on that approach – a truck rolling around the streets of Seoul with a pair of big transparent LCDs integrated into the cargo box.

I have no idea what’s being advertised here – guessing some sort of Squid Game variant TV show – but what’s known is it uses the hologram-ish transparent LCD tech from LA-based Proto Hologram, which has a Korean team.

The truck is positioned as being useful for everything from brand marketing to politics. I’m not sure about this effort, but could certainly see how a truck set-up like this could enable remote campaign appearances during elections, or for local pop-up appearances by K-Pop stars.

This Linkedin post as a video (couldn’t embed here).

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