Digital Signage Helps Spanish Ham Chain Convince Travelers That Vending Machine Sandwiches Can Be Edible And Tasty

October 3, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Buying sandwiches out of a vending machine normally reads like an act of starving, eat-something-or-die desperation, but a new digital signage-backed vending set-up at Barcelona’s main airport actually looks tempting.

Enrique Tomás, the world’s largest ham chain, has launched a set of 30 GO!urmet vending machines at strategic points throughout the airport, offering a range of sandwiches, snacks and drinks for travellers no matter the time of day.  The brand’s products are billed as being the same quality and price as those found in the company’s other points of sale.

That includes different varieties of Iberian ham and acorn-fed ham sandwiches to ham packets, and Spanish ham is really, really good (same general idea as prosciutto from Italy).

Each of the vending machines is equipped with between one and five iiyama branded 50” smart LCD screens, anchored to the vending machines and intended to communicate the range of products available and drive sales.

The messaging is all driven by the local CMS software company

The all-in-one aspect of the smart display solution was important to the food company: “We wanted a software that was lightweight and could work with an internal player inside the screen to minimize the electronic components at the physical point,” explains Jorge Cruz, CIO of Enrique Tomás.

The company also sees digital signage as critical to driving the message that these are not typical vending machine mystery sandwiches.  “This model requires that, in an easy and entertaining way, the quality of Enrique Tomás is explained while the customer understands that buying our products in the vending machines is a guarantee of fresh product,” says Cruz.

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