How A Dutch Firm Uses Digital Signage And Interactive Displays To Sell High-End Garage Doors

September 11, 2023 by Dave Haynes

We’re conditioned to seeing digital signage into bricks and mortar stores selling things like apparel, beauty products and vehicles, but here’s a digitally-integrated showroom for a company that sells garage doors.

Different Doors sells high-end, custom garage doors and it built pro AV technology – like digital signs and interactive, triggered screens – into its new experience center. The visual side of this was put together by the Dutch solutions firm First Impression (I did a podcast with the company a few weeks ago).

Both companies are in the general orbit of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.

From a Linkedin post:

Our innovative features include a window display that offers a warm welcome. Once inside, customers are greeted personally through digital signage at the bar, setting the tone for a unique experience.

Different Doors seamlessly integrates doors with diverse architectural styles, to match this we’ve designed and integrated a ‘blend in’ display within a garage door. This display introduces Different Doors and showcases how their building aligns with the 2050 energy requirements. In the immersive lounge, a projector enhances customer engagement, showcasing door models, the production process, and the faces behind the brand.

For a hands-on sales approach, we’ve incorporated two “place and learn” solutions, enabling customers to mix and match door types and wood varieties on the tabletop. These selections instantly show on the screen, aiding customers in finding their perfect door fit effortlessly.

I like the use of the RFID (probably) tiles used to place on a table and trigger that content, the nice bar-type displays in the lobby that pick up the horizontal shape of roll-up garage doors, and the way the big flat panel is integrated with that wood slat demo garage.

Nothing too fancy. Just well thought-out and well executed.

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