Holiday Time – Posts Will Just Trickle Out Through September

September 1, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I am doing something I’ve rarely done in decades of working – taking the time off actually set out in my working arrangements.

I’m taking September off … all of it. Mostly kinda sorta. But mostly! I have a UK trip in September, and will do a few meetings. But otherwise, I’m off.

Probably like many, I have tended far too often to not take all the vacation time allocated to me … and that has been particularly bad since my boss became me. Self-employed people are probably the worst at shutting down, since not working usually means not earning. Which can be problematic.

September will be spent on a journey of personal growth, self-discovery, and transformation that transcends the material aspects of … OK, maybe not. More accurately, September will be spent mainly around my forested property, going at old and fallen trees with my chainsaws, and doing a pile of odd jobs I’ve been putting off. I even have safety gear like a hard hat/ear protection/faceguard I remember, now and then, to use!

I’m one of those weirdos who enjoys yard work. Power tools help. It might also owe to the well-earned happy hour beers that follow.

There’s also a grandson to play with. And Nova Scotia has some decent places to go for a walk (photo up top is the High Head Trail near Halifax, maybe 30 minutes from HQ. For Canadians, that’s the Bluenose 2 sailing by on the way to Lunenberg).

There may be a hurricane dropping by, given the hot tub temperatures in the Caribbean and up the eastern seaboard. Nova Scotia is a long way from Florida, but we get hurricanes up here. Franklin just went by east of us this week, dumping rain. We have had a LOT of rain this summer!

Hurricane usually means no power, but we have a big ass generator, If the planets align, we’ll be in the UK when/if one blows through or near us.

I have scheduled a pile of posts for this month that aren’t time sensitive, but mostly the site will be quiet. I’d ask companies to do me a solid, as the kids say, and not announce a merger, landmark deal or new products while I am off. I’m sure whatever it is can wait until I am back.

Thanks for reading this past year, and really since 2006. I am technically now a pensioner, but don’t feel old and don’t feel like stopping just yet. Less than 300 more posts and I will have knocked out 10,000 since I started, and that was a milestone I always wanted to hit … and perhaps blow past.

I know I am supposed to be mad about Pickle Ball and birdwatching at my age, but it’s not happening. I still like the industry and people, so you’re stuck with me a bit longer. Just not much in the next four weeks or so.

  1. Justin Lachovsky says:

    I hope you have a wonderful time off, Dave! well deserved.

  2. David Drain says:


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