Creative Tech Shop StandardVision Formalizes DOOH Activity With Launch Of Dream Outdoor

August 30, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The Los Angeles-based architectural lighting design studio and digital media company StandardVision has been involved in digital OOH media via some large local LED displays, but now the firm has formalized its activity via a new subsidiary called Dream Outdoor.

The media company is in LA, as are most of the assets, but the flagship media property is across the country in New York – that big TSX Broadway display in Times Square that has part of the screen on doors that swing in and create a performance stage.

The new media company is a partnership between StandardVision and TSX Entertainment, which owns the TSX Broadway site.

From PR:

Dream Outdoor harnesses exceptional ideation and creative expertise to shape iconic digital media platforms that transcend the ordinary, transforming public space into immersive digital landmarks. Transitioning traditional digital assets into megaphones, Dream Outdoor propels brand engagement, awareness & social sharing to ensure your brand captures the attention of your target audience.

By strategically representing some of the nation’s most iconic media platforms, Dream Outdoor delivers the most dynamic out-of-home solutions on the market today. Utilizing strategic alliances, Dream cultivates expertise in immersive content production, site-specific public art curation, and integrated experiential entertainment.

StandardVision’s  in-house team of seasoned filmmakers and photographers provide our clients with unmatched professional documentation, assuring that every moment of your brand’s presence becomes an immortalized masterpiece. 

Most of the assets are in LA, but the company site has a bunch of “coming soon” boards.

StandardVision is an interesting company that somehow or other bridges very different disciplines like architectural design, pro AV integration, coding, high-end creative and, now, media ownership and sales.

I think most or all of these properties are using SNA Displays LED product.

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