CMS Software Firm Rise Vision Adds Managed Media Player Hardware Subscription To Offer

August 29, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The CMS software firm Rise Vision has gone into the hardware business, introducing a bundled subscription offer aimed mainly at the education sector that includes a fully managed media player.

“Rise Vision manages the media player software, provides technical support, sends out advanced replacements if an issue can’t be fixed over the phone, and upgrades the devices regularly.”

That’s the pitch for its new Media Player Hardware as a Service – positioning it as a way to take hardware support off the task list for stretched school IT teams.

From PR:

School districts across North America are facing severe staff shortages at a time when school IT teams are managing exponentially more devices with the rapid increase of classroom technology and 1:1 programs. Managing and maintaining digital signage hardware is another task that doesn’t need to be on the priority list for school technology teams. 

Rise Vision set out to alleviate that burden with the Rise Vision Media Player Hardware as a Service. Schools can eliminate managing digital signage hardware from their to-do list with this solution. The Rise Vision Media Player takes minutes to set up, is optimized for Rise Vision digital signage, and is a locked-down single-purpose device that diminishes the risk of unauthorized network access. 

This solution provides districts with one software, hardware, and support vendor, simplifying digital signage procurement. The subscription model gives school administrators predictable costs, making annual budgeting easy and allowing them to scale the service up or down as their needs change.

With the Rise Vision Media Player Hardware as a Service, schools can streamline their digital signage experience, reduce hardware costs, and consolidate procurement. Rise Vision handles all the complexities, allowing schools to concentrate on their message and objectives.

The Rise Vision Media Player Hardware as a Service is an example of Rise Vision’s continued commitment to providing schools with solutions that save time and enable districts to focus their efforts on what matters: improving communication and safety, celebrating student achievements, and creating a positive school culture.

“Rise Vision’s Media Player Hardware as a Service empowers schools to shift their focus from hardware management to achieving their digital signage communication goals. With our solution, schools can streamline their processes, reduce costs, and concentrate on creating meaningful messages that enhance their educational environment,” says Brian Loosbrock, CEO of Rise Vision.

This is seemingly a big commitment for a long-running software company that has largely run virtually, with a very dispersed, international workforce. But Rise was acquired last summer by Taiwan’s AUO Display Plus, a subsidiary of AUO, which is one of the largest display manufacturers in the world.

AUO Display touts itself as offering “a complete end-to-end display service, from R&D, through to sales and customer service” – which would likely explain how it will handle all the physical aspects of building, staging, shipping and managing devices.

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