LG’s New North America HQ Near NYC Features 100s Of Digital Signs And Pro Displays

August 25, 2023 by Dave Haynes

LG has pushed put PR about its new North American headquarters in a wooded area along the Hudson River, in Englewood Cliffs, NJ and in the immediate orbit of New York City.

Korean rival Samsung also has its US head office in New Jersey and near the Big Apple. They are about 10 minutes apart by car (in normal traffic).

The 350,000-square-foot building has, you’d expect, a LOT of LG technologies, including hundreds of commercial displays used in a variety of ways.

From LG’s PR:

According to Steven Yu, Director of Building Operations for the LG North American headquarters, every facet of the campus is thoughtfully designed to create a low-impact, high-productivity work environment that leverages LG products to reduce emissions, ensure competitive operations and provide direct value to the local community through publicly accessible educational installations.

“Following the model of our headquarters buildings in South Korea, the North American headquarters demonstrates LG’s commitment to employee health and wellness, corporate social responsibility and industry leadership in community engagement,” Yu explains. “Through world-class architectural design led by HOK and eye-popping technological installations completed by AVI-SPL and LG staff, this unique office celebrates LG’s achievements and advances from large-format commercial displays and desktop monitors to energy-efficient appliances and climate control systems.”

LG North America Corporate Headquarters, Englewood Cliffs NJ, Architect: HOK

It’s immediately evident to anyone visiting the site that this corporate headquarters is just as much an LG product showcase as it is a bustling den of productivity. Featuring dedicated showrooms for home appliances and home entertainment products, in addition to the education-focused “LG Innovation Lab” available to local schools, the building offers customers and local communities real-world experience with bleeding-edge technologies.

Perhaps the most visible product integration is the vast number of LG commercial digital displays installed throughout every corner of the headquarters. The largest models are found in a 5,000-square-foot dividable multipurpose room, with each side housing one of LG’s 173-inch direct-view LED displays (DVLED). The same model is also utilized in the CEO boardroom as an oversized conferencing and presentation canvas that can operate under virtually any lighting conditions with phenomenal clarity and ease of use.

Much of the employee-facing tech was put in by AVI-SPL.

“When LG contacted us for electronic systems design and installation assistance at its North American headquarters, we recognized it as an opportunity to help create a new kind of corporate space that marries modern aesthetics and needs with LG’s leading technologies,” says Robert Martzloff, Regional General Manager, AVI-SPL.

The campus has two main buildings, or wings, connected by an 18,000-square-foot glass “cube” atrium. Several hundred commercial displays produced and sold by LG Business Solutions are installed throughout the interior spaces. From ultra-wide LG desktop monitors in offices and at workstations to the nearly four dozen 49-inch LG digital displays providing menu boards and an L-shaped video wall in The Servery cafeteria, each room highlights the benefits and uses of LG commercial displays.

Somebody somewhere needs a frank discussion about menu board design, as the crammed, need-to-squint or get o a char to read layouts provided with the PR are world-class awful. And don’t even fit the full screens! (That said, this might be Mr. PhotoShop dropping a menu on screens that weren’t yet live.)

The various meeting spaces also have a piles of tech.

The largest spaces are outfitted with 98-inch 4K models, while medium-sized rooms and huddle rooms offer 86- and 55-inch models, respectively. Each floor also includes an open-plan “work café” space that houses 75-inch digital signage displays used for messaging. Large-screen displays also are integrated into the newly opened LG Academy HVAC training center and Skyline Showroom demonstration kitchen.

“We have displays installed throughout the wings that provide an always-on messaging platform that allows us to communicate consistent brand messages and company information to employees as needed,” Yu explains. “By utilizing so many different LG products and displays, we’ve created a work environment that represents our ingenuity and achievements while deepening employee appreciation for the products themselves.”

There is also an innovation lab that drafts off the idea and design of a youth-oriented Science Hall in LG’s South Korean headquarters.

The company created a 5,000-square-foot LG Innovation Lab on the third floor of the atrium to present sustainability-related experiences and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) education through cutting-edge displays. The interactive exhibition space features transparent OLED displays, ultrawide Stretch displays, touch-sensitive displays and more, with each delivering unique benefits for a museum-like field trip opportunity that engages students with captivating science education and provides hands-on experience with new technologies.

From multiplayer educational games on large format floor-mounted displays to a transparent OLED display showing an augmented reality video about LG’s sustainability goals and products, each installation is sure to keep kids engaged and interested in important timely topics.

The visual bling is a smaller, fixed variation on the wavy flexible OLED video walls LG has put up at high visibility trade shows like CES.

Like something out of a movie, 32 curved open-frame LG OLED displays create a wave-shaped video screen that towers over visitors and surrounds them with life-like underwater videos of aquatic creatures. It’s an experience only found in the world’s largest science museums and aquariums, giving local school districts a unique opportunity to generate excitement in young students.

The screen network all runs on LG’s own webOS operating system. The PR doesn’t say if the CMS is LG’s own Supersign software platform, or a third party’s.

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