LED Displays Carefully Integrated Into Look Of Parisian Art Deco Moviehouse

August 24, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Here’s a nice example of architects and digital technologists collaborating to carefully introduce LED screens into the design and look of a historic building – in this case an almost century-old moviehouse in Paris.

The 90th anniversary of the Grand Rex cinema involved a modernization of the art deco building, including its iconic facade.

Solutions providers Pixel LED France, a subsidiary of LEDECA, worked with AV integrator and client BEATVISUAL and the architects to add displays to the facade or modernize what was already in place.

In all, the new digital exterior has a pair of  2m x 10m LED columns and a big 30 x 1.5m fascia, wrapping around the corner and over the cinema entry. It’s a total of 80.5 sq. meters of of screens, 40 on each of the column and 48 below that.

I don’t know if a 1930s building comes under architectural protections in an ancient city like Paris, but I like that efforts were made to make the LED columns, in particular, look like they belong. The eacy path would have been slapping a huge rectangle on the right hand side where it says REX.

This video shows the results …

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