Dutch Smart Glass Lets Air Travelers Play Pong, Grows Biophilic Leaves As Active Glare Control

August 24, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I’ve been paying attention to a Dutch startup called VideowindoW because of its interesting approach of manufacturing digitally-embedded building glass that runs media but also doubles up as active glare control.

The company promotes several use cases as it looks for early adopters, but the most obvious and compelling one is for windows in mass transport environments where there is a LOT of glass.

The company has long had a demo in place in Rotterdam’s airport and I just came across a Linkedin post from a guy working on other technology at the the airport – like hydrogen-powered aviation – showing the lounge screens being used for passengers to play Pong.

That’s fun and wholly unexpected in a something like an airport lounge, but it has no defined benefits other than entertainment and distraction, but the  company has also demo’d and is marketing what it calls Biophilic Glare Control. As the CEO explains below, the technology responds to natural lighting conditions and uses code to grow a black and white canopy of leaves to filter strong sunlight as needed.

Here’s a photo, as well …

The tech can also show information relevant to passengers, and video art.


  1. Remco Veenbrink says:

    Hello Dave, I wanted to express my gratitude for publishing this fantastic article! Just to provide a teaser, we have numerous upcoming interactive glare control solutions. For instance, there’s one called SongShader that connects with Spotify. It transforms song lyrics into active glare control. 😉

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