Fuel Dispenser Manufacturer And Kiosk Software Firm Partner On Self-Ordering Option At Gas Station Pumps

August 23, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Screens on gas pumps have been developed into an advertising medium, most notably by market leader GSTV, but now a manufacturer of fuel dispensers has partnered with a kiosk software company on a set-up that puts self-service C-Store ordering out in gas station forecourts.

A company called Dover Fueling Solutions (or DFS) has partnered with the retail kiosk software firm GRUBBRR on a new kind of system for gas pumps that incorporates a large (for these pumps) portrait mode touchscreen that can take and process orders for items sold inside the convenience store that’s part of the overall operation.

The idea is that it will boost store sales through promotions and upsells on the screen, as well as the simple convenience and speed of ordering items while the tank gets filled, and then walking in and out of the store to do nothing more than pick-up items that are put together by staff and left at a designated area inside.

The partners suggest testing has shown the self-order screens have increased sales for promoted items by 50%.

From PR:

The partners will launch a self-ordering solution, DX Market powered by GRUBBRR, within the DFS Anthem UX platform on the Wayne Ovation® fuel dispenser.

DFS’s collaboration with GRUBBRR will generate increased revenue for fuel retailers by providing them the opportunity to offer customers the convenience of ordering food and shopping for products while pumping gas. DX Market powered by GRUBBRR will also enable retailers to offer customizable promotions and upsell opportunities with video and static content. This cutting-edge experience delivers on the transgenerational consumer expectation that fueling stations are becoming increasingly automated and featuring more self-checkout options, revealed in DFS’s Future of Fueling Trend Report.

“DFS Anthem UX is a powerful tool for retailers to drive foot traffic into their stores and increase sales for promoted items,” says Kurt Dillen, VP Global Business Development at DFS. “Integrating GRUBBRR’s self-ordering technology into DFS’s Anthem UX platform, DX Market will enable customers to make purchases before stepping into the store, allowing for a quicker, more streamlined experience and increased satisfaction. With many gas station owners making a majority of their money in retail, we expect a meaningful impact on revenues.”

“To maximize profitability, merchants need to reduce friction in the checkout process and engage consumers in new and innovative ways,” says Sam Zietz, CEO of GRUBBRR. “Our software is designed to streamline the ordering process and provide a seamless customer experience, creating a one-stop-shop solution that empowers retailers to grow revenue through improved consumer retention and increased basket size.”

The solution is initially available in select fuel stations across the United States, with plans for global expansion in the future.

GRUBBRR, you may recall, is the retail self-ordering software firm that was an early partner with Samsung on its kiosk. Neither the PR or the sales material get into who is supplying the 27-inch displays or media players for this.

One interesting and not at all surprising component of this is the ability to also run advertising on these units. Logic tells me that if a motorist is filling up and watching the screen as it shows the fuel volume and total price read-out on the screen, store promotions or third-party DOOH advertising will run if the shopping functionality is not launched.

GSTV already works with Dover and its main fuel pump competitor Gilbarco, so I am going to assume they are all over this and likely welcome seeing new or modernized stations getting screens that are bigger and brighter. On the other hand, if people shop at the pump does that mean ads don’t run and overall eyeballs counts go down?

  1. Craig keefner says:

    Selling lottery tickets at pump has always been a holy Grail. Lots of ambient noise at pumps. Can’t imagine cleaning those screens.

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