Videos: Samsung, LG Booth Tours From Last Week’s K-Display Exhibition

August 22, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I referenced the recent K-Display exhibition in Seoul and the product demos of the two biggest display manufacturers in Korea – Samsung and LG.

The two companies have since put out round-up videos that show their stands at the event, and focus on a range of different products.A lot of the Samsung video (below) is focused on OLED and particularly folding and flexible displays for portable devices and even desktops, but there are also glimpses of large displays.

LG’s video (below) also covers a lot of different product types, but there is a substantial section covering off the concept store it did for the show with Starbucks, showing among a few things an interesting transparent and curved store counter showcase that is all transparent OLED and interactive.

Also, here’s a round-up video produced by someone (it’s all in Korean) from the show.

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