Montreal Digital Artist Pushes Distorted Views Of People Passing Through Portal To Big Video wall

August 22, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Hat tip to Stefan Bischof for posting about this ..

This is an interesting interactive digital art piece that is a different spin on the many gesture-driven video walls we’ve all seen demo’d at trade shows.

Called Liminal, it is an interactive exhibition by Montreal-based artist Louis-Philippe Rondeau that involves people passing through what amounts to a portal that uses image capture tech to relay a distorted visual on a video wall to the rear, in real or very near real time.

The piece has been shown at numerous events across at least 10 countries, and there’s a variation of it being shown at a “Light Festival” in Singapore.

Here’s a video of one of the exhibits …

And here’s another from a site featuring Rondeau’s work …

I kinda like this because it doesn’t, like a lot of the camera-based gesture set-ups, somewhat require people to perform. Extroverts are all over things that ask them to dance or act silly, but a lot of other people would steer well clear of that. With this, set up the right way, it can be interesting just by walking through.

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