LG About To Start Shipping A 27-Inch Smart Display In A Fancy Briefcase, And I Want One (Though Not Sure Why)

August 22, 2023 by Dave Haynes

I think we’ve all come across new products – particularly with electronics – that we saw and wanted, but really couldn’t quantify why or come up with a valid use. That’s certainly the case for me with a new display in a briefcase that LG will start shipping within a few days.

Called the StanbyME Go Portable Smart Touch Screen, it is a 27″ smart, full HD LCD display, running webOS, that is contained inside a stylish but rugged briefcase-like carrying case. The touchscreen can be tilted, rotated, raised and lowered, both in portrait and landscape.

The units have built-in speakers and support Dolby video and audio. It can handle streaming/screen mirroring from Android and iOS devices, and it can run for up to three hours off the battery.

LG is positioning this as a lifestyle product – something that could be taken along on picnics and camping trips. But give that it is effectively a smart display just like other webOS smart displays used for digital signage deployments, I could see this being quite handy for sales and biz dev people on sales calls and at micro trade shows and fairs where they’re working off a folding table in a hotel meeting room or hallway.

This at least looks like it would fit in an overhead bin on regular commercial jets (maybe not those awful little commuter ones), and it would maybe even fit  under seats. The case is 26.4 inches wide, 17 inches deep and 4.6 inches high. At minimum, it beats the look of rugged or padded travel cases used for moving monitors of that size around.

I could also see this, until and if they get mainstreamed, as interesting eye candy for short-term merchandising displays.

The MSRP is $999 USD. Right now LG is throwing in a high end Bluetooth speaker for those committing to pre-orders.

I want one. I’m just not sure why ;-]

Hat tip, by the way, for coming up with a catchy name. The Korean manufacturers, for many years, liked to give products handles like PSMT 27-TS, which are something less than memorable.

  1. Chewie says:

    This could be cool for television production booths. The only changes I would make is having the lid come completely off and HDMI, HD-SDI, an/or fiber connections and power inputs on the short side of the case.

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