Sony Keeps Growing Out Digital Signage CMS Software Partner Ecosystem, Adding 22Miles

August 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

It’s been interesting to watch the differing directions the big pro display manufacturers are taking when it comes to their smart display products and digital signage CMS software.

On the one hand, the biggest one – Samsung – has pretty much abandoned traditional software partnerships, and developed its own VXT CMS it is encouraging software companies to develop functionality apps (that would sit on top of VXT).

UpdatedLG has clearly raised the profile of its SuperSign CMS, but says that while its Supersign CMS has evolved and may continue to do so, it says its CMS partnerships remain important and pure-play CMS providers provide best of breed options for their specific market applications (See comments from LG’s James Pfenning below post).

PPDS, which markets the Philips pro display line, also has its own software, but says PPDS Wave is intended as deep device management that CMS partners can use to round out their solution, without needing to put a lot of resources into some of the technical sides of display hardware integration.

Then there’s Sony, which is going very much in the opposite direction of its biggest Korean rival – embracing CMS software companies as partners. The company has announced it has added 22Miles to a long list of companies that have joined Sony’s AV Alliance Partner Network. Less than three years ago, Sony had almost no digital signage software partner and was barely active in this sector. It now has at least three dozen, as well as its own smart display device management, via a collaboration with SignageOS.

From PR:

22Miles offers Sony’s customers a highly flexible, scalable and robust content management system (CMS) for digital signage, room booking, interactive wayfinding, digital directories, kiosks, video walls, and more. The software integrates with all of Sony’s system-on-chip (SoC) and touch-based technologies to provide customizable solutions for customers across various vertical markets, including corporate, hospitality and venues, government, higher education, and healthcare.

The 22Miles CMS is built with unification and interoperability in mind. Content managers can choose from thousands of options in the 22Miles Smart Template Center, including templates for large-format touchscreen experiences. It supports the creation of customized information hubs with in-demand integrations, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Power BI, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Everbridge, Delphi, and more.

To support consistent, responsive, and highly interactive experiences across devices, the proprietary 22Miles Carry2Mobile solution enables users to scan a QR code and seamlessly transition digital signage content to mobile devices as an HTML5 page. Sony customers deploying the industry-leading 22Miles 3D wayfinding platform can now access an award-winning AI Assistant chat interface driven by ChatGPT. This chat interface can give site-specific responses to queries in hundreds of languages, coupled with turn-by-turn directions.

“Sony displays offer impeccable quality, breath-taking visuals and awe-inspiring size,” said Tomer Mann, Chief Revenue Officer of 22Miles. “The 22Miles CMS will allow Sony’s customers to get the most out of every pixel, creating dynamic, interactive and compelling experiences for everything from back-of-the-house signs to experiential video walls.”

“22Miles embodies all of the elements that enable a mutually advantageous partnership that ultimately benefits our joint users,” said Rich Ventura, Vice President, Professional Display Solutions, Sony Electronics. “As a premier digital signage and wayfinding provider, we’re excited to pair our best-in-breed professional displays with intuitive and scalable technologies from 22Miles to create a robust solution that offers integrators a seamless installation process and provides end users with an easy way to navigate, manage and visualize their environment.”  

  1. James Pfenning says:

    Hey Dave. You’re usually spot on but this time I need to help correct/clarify that LG is very much partner CMS focused, always have been and still are with our webOS enabled smart displays, and even supporting them through our media player partners like Brightsign. LG’s Supersign CMS has evolved and may continue to, in order to serve a segment of the market, but I personally feel the many CMS providers provide best of breed options for their specific market applications. So I hope you and your audience don’t lump us in with our Korean rivals. 🙂

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Thanks JP … the LG booth at InfoComm didn’t have its normal assortment of CMS partners (unless I missed that), leading me to think SuperSign was rising in prominence and importance. I’ve updated the post to reflect and reference your clarification!

      1. JP Pfenning says:

        Thanks for the update/correction Dave, much appreciated. The LG Infocomm booth did have partners powering some vignettes, but perhaps the placards were not as prominent, or easily seen with all the people in the booth! haha 🙂

    2. Jason Cremins says:

      Good point well made, JP.

      We have a very strong and well established partnership with LG and have never had any reason to consider them as competition.

  2. Jason Cremins says:

    Sony understand and appreciate the value of their CMS partners.

    Stronger together than competing.

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