London Movie Multiplex Uses Curved LED Ribbon For Huge Dynamic Menu Display

August 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The scale of multi-screen cinema lobbies and limited concession options make it possible to play with the shape, dimensions and creative for menu displays – like at this moviehouse at the big Bluewater shopping centre on the eastern outskirts of metro London.

The Showcase Bluewater cinema now has a 12-metre wide LED ribbon display installed on a back wall behind the popcorn and soft drinks order stations. I don’t know the pixel pitch, but it would not have to be overly tight because the wall is set back a bit from the counter and movie-goers, and with a handful of options – instead of dozens at a QSR – means the fonts can be bigger, and less prone to visually pulling apart for the people considering popcorn or not.

The screen was put in by Trison UK, which has a long history of working with cinemas around the UK. In this case, the video content was  filmed and produced by TRISON, and dynamic HTML menus are linked to Trison UK’s in-house software platform, which powers the whole Showcase Cinemas screen estate.

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