German Water Park And Spa’s Facelift Builds In Screens In Key Areas

August 18, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Via Invidis

This is a fairly straight-forward digital signage integration at a water park and wellness facility north of Munich, Germany – but there are a couple of interesting elements worth exploring.

First, the reception area nicely integrates the welcome and ticketing information displays, particularly the “bar-type” skinny display set in portrait to somewhat match up with the lobby support column. A conventional display in either orientation would stick out.

Second, the newly renovated Donautherme in Ingolstadt has a pile of screens around the facility – which includes the water park and slides, a thermal bath area and seven saunas. It was all put in by a German integration firm called Echion, which also produced the content and is running the displays (and monitoring them) using its own CMS, called Echion Manager.

Its not a path taken that much in North America, but I see a lot of European integrators and solutions providers with their own CMS software. It adds front-end and operating costs, but allows service providers to both control and tune software to their needs, as well as capture recurring revenue that would otherwise go to a software partner.

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