LG Launches Health Care-Focused Line Of “Patient Engagement” Displays

August 16, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The US wing of LG Business Solutions sees an opportunity in health care that gets beyond lobbies and waiting areas – launching a new line of what it calls “Patient Engagement Boards.”

The LCD displays are intended to communicate key information in patient care areas on screens – improving the experience both for caregivers and patients. LG also sees an opportunity for these in long term care facilities.

There is a 43-inch UHD model and 32-inch FHD model. Both are UL-listed for Health Care and have PoE capability. The screens run LG webOS.

From PR:

The LG Patient Engagement Boards (ML5K-B Series) are designed to improve experiences for patients and caregivers while simplifying operations for administrators and IT staff. The 32-inch model can be “rapidly deployed utilizing POE without the exhaustive approval process commonly associated with modifying a room’s electrical components.” Convenience is further enhanced by each display’s automatic brightness sensor, which ensures viewing comfort by matching ambient light levels throughout the day.

Both models can be wall-mounted vertically or horizontally using 200×200 VESA mounts. And both displays feature LG IPS panels and offer up to 50,000 hours of life, making them ideal for 24/7 use. Integrated stereo speakers further simplify deployment and provide flexibility to host a variety of content.

Health care is undoubtedly a slog, in terms of the selling and deal process because of the level of bureaucracy and number of needed meetings. But it is a sector that, while digitized, weirdly still does a lot of patient care details, updates and staffing information on whiteboards with scribbled dry erase marker notes (that may or may not be all that legible).

Going fully digital with this information would improve a lot of things, though I wonder if LCD is an interim technology. What’s on those screens is not going to be needing a lot of updating, and may or may not need to support video or even images. As energy costs rise and big facilities look to trim consumption and align with green initiatives, I could see a lot of this sort of thing done using e-paper displays.

  1. Jon Bloom says:

    Seems like only the 32″ is PoE capable, but still a cool product!

  2. Craig keefner says:

    Four winds used to be big on hospitals. Not sure if still are.

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