Oldie But Goodie: A Look At The Transparent LED Displays That Madrid Store’s Five-Level Atrium

August 14, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is a now eight year old project that lined the atrium of a five-level Primark store in Madrid with mesh LED and populated the displays with purpose-designed and sync’d creative.

It’s at Primark’s Gran Via location in the Spanish city – an historic 1920s department store re-made as one of the larger outlets of the Irish fast fashion retailer. Spain is, of course, home to one of Primark’s main competitors – Zara, and its low-cost sister brand Lefties.

This video gets into how the Gran Via project content was designed and delivered by Dalziel & Pow, a design and architecture firm based in London.

The mesh LED supplier was ClearLED. There are some 240 sq. meters of 10mm LED in the atrium.

The visual impact is seemingly great. As you will see in the photo, mesh LED back in 2015 still involved hardware that didn’t look so hot from the rear/non-display side. The LEDs needed a rigid structure to hold and power them.

The good news is we’re now seeing mesh, foil and film-based LED products that are brighter, offer more transparency and look pretty inoffensive from the non-active side.


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