LED Mainstreamed: New Food Court In Dublin’s Airport Has 31-Meter LED Ribbon

August 11, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Here’s yet more evidence of how LED is now a mainstream option for designed spaces that work in digital signage – a new food court area in Terminal 2 of Dublin’s airport.

The Mezz is a street food-themed concept with five different options, as developed by SSP Group, a major operator of food and beverage outlets in travel locations worldwide.  There’s everything from traditional Irish fare to Thai food, with the food concessions taking on the look of sea containers.

I mention this because the signature visual is a 31-metre digital banner developed and put in by the UK wing of big European integrator Trison. The ribbon is one of the longest in Europe, used to brand the different dining options and showcase menu items from each.

The mezzanine level food court also uses self-service ordering screens.


  1. Peter Critchley says:

    Thanks Dave – SSP deliver the best part of the journey and we are proud to be able to elevate the amazing food, service and experiences that SSP offer through the use of well-designed, thoughtful, engaging, and relevant digital surfaces with content that really creates a wow moment! We are proud to have been able to deliver this complex project, from initial vision through to the expansive installation, all in partnership with the dedicated team at SSP

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