Watch This Amazingly Detailed Visual Illusion Billboard Spot From Seoul: Video

August 8, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is a long-form anamorphic illusion ad developed by the Seoul creative shop d’strict for a Korean hydration drink.

d’strict was an early adopter in producing these 3D-ish visual illusions for big public video displays – most notably this one in a busy Seoul shopping and entertainment area – and the company continues to produce some of the best work out there.

From the Vimeo description for the video:

d’strict participated in the Toreta 2023 campaign, aiming to support the launch of the newly revamped Toreta! package in 2023.

The Toreta 2023 Campaign by d’strict employs anamorphic techniques, breathing life into the cool waves of water and the vibrant beauty of mother nature. This approach has created a symbolic and impactful representation of the delightful experience of drinking Toreta. Of particular note is the depiction of the Toreta World from a ‘bird’s-eye view angle,’ a perspective rarely seen in traditional media. This strategic choice allows the viewers to have a clear understanding of the main subject’s situation and offers a unique perspective of witnessing the full picture as if watching a grand-scale play unfold before their eyes.

As a result, the seamless movement of the main subject between two distinct spaces, each with its own personality, offers a fresh and captivating visual experience like no other. d’strict will continuously create and provide innovative offline marketing content for global companies and communities. 

  1. Kurt says:

    Hmmm … lot’s of people walking by the screen but no one looking up to see it

    1. Dave Haynes says:

      Noticed that, too. I THINK it is CGI’d in to optimize its look, but could be wrong there. While some companies have been putting comps on billboards that don’t even exist, this is a real one in Seoul and d’strict is very much a legit creative shop.

  2. Jake says:

    I agree with Dave.. d’strict always does amazing work. But with the time of day that is used in the shot combined with the different camera angles provided during the piece (that don’t appear to come from a drone), my guess is the content is eventually going to be on the screen “in real life”, but this shot is a pre-viz created during the approval process for the client to provide feedback before going live. A lot of industry folks don’t realize the costs of rendering out full resolution files, so pre visualisations can help during the editing stages of projects like this to avoid the costs of full resolution rendering for testing, especially if the screen has not been installed.

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