New E-Book Aimed At Opportunity, Challenges Of Running In-Store Display Side Of Retail Media Networks

August 8, 2023 by Dave Haynes

There are a LOT of blog posts and white papers out there going into the opportunity and impacts of retail media networks, but the great majority of them come at it from the angles of online and mobile, with in-store displays and messaging often not getting much more than a mention or a small section in a large paper.

Here’s a paper that plays down the omnichannel aspects of retail media networks, and looks very specifically at the digital signage opportunity and challenge in stores.

The Dutch firm First Impression – a digital signage/pro AV shop focused mainly on retail – has published a free e-book called: The Power of In-Store Retail Media Fast ROI on your digital signage investment.

While First Impression is from the Netherlands, the e-book is available in English.

The company asserts:

While the last few years we have fueled massive investments to support online retail media networks, for some retailers the most important revenue source is still their brick-and-mortar stores. Tech companies are increasingly introducing solutions to help brands advertise in stores.

However, it is still early days for many of these features. As such, in-store retail media offerings have yet to become a multi-billion dollar line of business, like digital retail media solutions have. Some experts do state it is the next major media channel as the majority of in-store audiences is between 18 to 49 years old, which is exactly the demographic that advertisers want to reach.

The paper might come across as elemental to industry long-timers, but they’re not the audience. It’s much more aimed at retail operators who are perhaps reading and hearing a lot these days about retail media networks and the in-store display component, but not knowing what to do or even where to start.

Hat tip to First Impression for having quite a light sales touch with the e-book. You know it is their paper, but the copy doesn’t try to hammer home that while the opportunity is huge, it only works if they help you.

I had a good podcast chat recently with First Impression’s retail strategy director:


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