ScreenCloud Drives On-Stage Messaging At Lollapalooza

August 7, 2023 by Dave Haynes

Digital signage tech shows up in all kinds of unexpected places, and the stage at an iconic music festival certainly qualifies as unexpected.

Mark McDermott, the CEO/Founder of UK-based ScreenCloud, put up a post showing his company’s software being used to drive giant rental LED video walls flanking and backing the performance stage at Lollapalooza Chicago, which ran this weekend in Grant Park.

“Not our most common use case, but very cool to see ScreenCloud powering the big screens at Lollapalooza Chicago. The screens are running ScreenCloud OS on our Station P1 Pro media players đŸ€˜”

No other details, but it’s a safe assumption that the screens cut over from live video and backing visuals during performances, and then rolled over to festival communications between sets. This sort of thing offers no real scale, so it’s not a particularly wise line of business to get into – but as one-off it’s certainly attention-getting and worth making some marketing hay about. It got me writing!

  1. Mark McDermott says:

    Thanks for the write-up, Dave! I agree this use case has PR impact due to the size of the screens, the occasion and the large audience, but it isn’t what we typically work on daily.

    Notably, this entire stage is running smoothly off $500 of media players.

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