JD Sports Pairs AR Virtual Try-On Solution With Big Video Wall In Two US Stores

August 4, 2023 by Dave Haynes

This is an AR mirror set-up used in a couple of U.S. locations (New York Times Square and Chicago State Street) for the retailer JD Sports, which sells guess what.

Virtual try-on mirrors have been around for ages, and have improved by leaps and bounds in terms of the way they work and look. This solution is from a New York/Cyprus company called Zero10 for a solution that pairs a try-on display with a big LED video wall that flanks the try-on piece and

In the recent ZERO10 partnership with JD Sports, customers can virtually try on designs from the exclusive Need it Now collection, where select items are available for online purchase only.

Engaging with the AR Mirror enables customers to pick up the item available for try-on, start a purchase initiation process and be directed to the JD Sports website to complete the purchase of the original physical piece. 

Extroverts probably like the stage/performance aspect of this – trying on clothes and posing in the middle of a store as shoppers mill around. But I wonder what the percentage of shoppers is that would steer clear because they’re a little or a lot more introverted. I have heard of these kinds of units being tried in change rooms, but that’s a big investment for something most shoppers won’t ever know is even there.

  1. Beth Warren says:

    they do a great job – the AR feature is less about moving product and more about luring Gen Z with wow factor, fun, entertaining instagram moments – which is an equally important customer behavioral metric. Retail > Althletics/Athleisure continues to lead the way

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