Hivestack, Nielsen Collaborate On Credible Measurement Solution For APAC DOOH Ad Market

July 28, 2023 by Dave Haynes

The Montreal ad-tech firm Hivestack has collaborated with research giant Nielsen to develop what’s described as a credible, trustworthy and sorely-needed audience measurement solution for the media companies operating in the APAC region.

Hivestack says its new verified impression multiplier methodology provides a turnkey, trusted solution for media owners across the Asia-Pacific region. “Independently backed by Nielsen, it allows media owners situated in emerging markets, such as Taiwan, to more accurately calculate reach, frequency and quantify impressions across their network of screens and more seamlessly integrate with buy-side partners, including the world’s largest omnichannel DSPs. Furthermore, this provides advertisers, and the wider industry with credible, high-quality impression data and a consistent framework to better inform decisioning and measure the impact of DOOH.”

The PR continues:

Hivestack’s proprietary methodology combines emerging market media-owner circulation data such as traffic data, dwell time and visibility assumption in combination with deterministic (anonymized) mobile device data sourced from leading telco carrier data and provides up-to-date screen level measurement of each ad play. Subsequent data verification service is to be conducted by Nielsen every two months which involves the assessment of Hivestack DOOH traffic against projected traffic estimates and impressions volume. The result is a meaningful, high-quality impression multiplier aligned with industry guidelines that is used for programmatic transactions to support media owners’ growth across sales, inventory management and business development.

“There has been one common challenge in outdoor advertising for many markets across APAC, the need for a credible and unified measurement for outdoor impressions across all media owners,” says Troy Yang, Managing Director North Asia at Hivestack, which is active in 12 APAC markets.

In addition to Hivestack’s rigorous internal processes to ensure inventory integrated within its Supply Side Platform (SSP) is of the highest quality it is also compliant with several industry standards, guidelines, and best practices to create an open and transparent environment for buyers and partners across the globe. Having the methodology for this new solution backed by Nielsen adds a level of credibility that is unparalleled in the industry and marks a significant step towards establishing a more trusted and credible standard of measurement across emerging markets that currently do not have third party verification or trade organizations with local guidelines.  

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